FAQ and Policies


1. How long will it take for my order to ship?

Our processing times will be kept up to date here:

Current Processing Time: 1-7 days

2. How do you package plants for shipping?

Most plants will be sent bare root in sphagnum moss as it prevents damage from the pot to the roots/plant when shipping. This method also reduces the risk of pests. The plants are then gently wrapped in a layer of Poly-fill to protect the leaves, followed by a layer of wrapping paper and bubble wrap. We will check your local temperatures and the plants will be provided an additional layer of mylar insulation if required. The plants are then fitted to an appropriately sized reused cardboard box and covered in thick wrapping paper to prevent movement. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT CURRENTLY OFFER HEAT PACKS DUE TO SUPPLY ISSUES. 

3. Why Poly-fil?

Poly-fill is used to provide a cushion for delicate leaves as well as wick up any moisture from transpiration. We are looking to move towards more sustainable options in the future. 

4. Will I Get the Exact Plant Pictured?

If the plant pictured is labeled alphabetically, you will receive the exact plant that corresponded to that letter. All rare plant purchases will receive exact plant pictured and purchased.

Plants that maintain a greater inventory (strings and more common houseplants) are shown as a sample image. Sample images will be updated to reflect current stock quality. For further inquiries please email us.

5. What is Your Recommended Shipping Method?

We have provided our customers with various shipping solutions and logistics carriers to accommodate all budgets. We highly recommend using Express services in order to reduce travel time and stress on the plant. 

Store Policies

All Sales Are Final 

In the event a mistake has been made on our end, please contact us by email with details within 24 hours of receiving your plant. We recommend taking photos, as this makes our assessments much easier.

Shipping is at the risk of the customer. There will be no credits issued for lost/damaged or stolen packages. We do not offer refunds or replacements for plants damaged by extreme environmental temperatures during the shipping process, please check your local weather before ordering.

Shipping is hard on a plant! 

We pride ourselves in our packaging however the process of shipping a plant can be very stressful for the plant. Some plants are more sensitive to shipping and a change in environment than others. We always recommend doing some research about your new plant so you can give it the correct care that it needs.

Occasionally (less likely with express shipping), plants may arrive with yellowing leaves or rotting roots. They may also need a little extra care in acclimation as they get used to the climate of your home. We have provided a brief care sheet for each plant on the product page, but for more information on how to care for and trouble shoot your new plant, please view our blog posts on the topic.